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My College Radio Show: Cue Beat Repeat

While I'm at SCAD, I host a show on SCAD Atlanta Radio called Cue Beat Repeat. It is dedicated to electronic music from across the scene, from dance floor bangers to chill vibes.

As an electronic music producer and enthusiast, this show is my way of sharing my love for the genre, its hypnotic vibes, and its boundless yet sadly under-explored and underappreciated potential.

If you're interested in listening to the show, head over to and click "Listen," or find the station on the RadioFX. Finally, tune in on Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm Eastern Time.

For a taste of what to expect, below are my blog posts on the station's website, complete with playlists.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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