Alec Lowrey is a director, screenwriter, music producer, and artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

Alec’s film projects are released under the SUUORDFITE name. Enacted in 2019 with its first production being the surreal and wacky comedic short film, We Apologize for the Inconvenience (2020), Suuordfite is an outlet for Alec’s imaginative and ambitious visions in the realms of filmmaking and immersive storytelling.

PIXELRUST is Alec’s electronic music alias. Enacted in 2014, his prolific output and ever-evolving sound take inspiration from big beat, EDM, rock, hip-hop, experimental music, and pop, and infuses it all with tremendous energy and surprising twists. The bass is heavy, the melodies are catchy, and the sonic textures further contribute to this unique experience. PixelRust has several releases under Pink Dolphin Music Ltd. as well as some self-published. They can be found on all major digital music platforms.

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